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Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol

Mar 29, 2018

In this special Easter episode, receive the keys to experiencing a new life, despite the pain of your past.   

Mar 27, 2018

Are you frustrated that overcoming bad habits or negative thinking isn't taking place fast enough? In this fascinating discussion, Dr. Carol illustrates why asking God for a "quick fix" doesn't always work and what you can do about it. 

Mar 20, 2018

If your married and not having sex, you need to listen to this! In this lively discussion, Dr. Carol shares what could be the root cause for not experiencing more physical intimacy with your spouse. 

Mar 15, 2018

In this special episode, you'll learn why God desires for you to experience freedom in every facet of life. Discover the source of your fear and anxiety and break their hold. 

Mar 13, 2018

Are you tired of things not improving in your relationship. Learn how the "spaghetti principle" could address the root issue and how to overcome it in this insightful discussion.